Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Samsung Bluetooth Headset WEP200

A few days ago I had to let one of my staff go. Actually she resigned, but only after we were driving each other completely fucking insane. I mean this chick was really out of a comic book. She has been with the company since before I got here so I did feel bad at first for her, considering that I was her superior as soon as I got here and all. I found it logical that for a while it might be hard for her to take direction from me or even heaven forbid, accept me as her boss. I remember the first day I arrived, we went out for lunch to McDonalds. As I paid for the food she quickly snapped up her burgers and while walking to a table called back to me, ‘don’t forget the ketchup’. Now while this behavior might be acceptable in other countries, it is not acceptable for my colleague being 10 years my junior to talk to me that way. But it was cool and I found her a bit charming in a funny sort of way. But the attitude got old really quick. This woman had the temper of a banshee and I would not mind if that rage was directed towards wayward suppliers, but I’ll be damned if I am going t be abused in my own damn office. And for one year we continued to butt heads till finally she gave way. And it is a damn good thing too because in this team there is and I, and without that I, there would be no team. But as frustrating as our relationship was there were some pretty comical moments, like when I asked her for some information and she told me in the calmest and most controlled voice I have ever heard her use, that I was not sensible. At other times she would straight out call me stupid, and worse yet even told some of my clients that they did not know what they were doing! But nonetheless she had certain innocence about her that people adored and that allowed her to remain in the office as long as she did. Yesterday was her last day at work and she bought me a gift. The Samsung Bluetooth Headset WEP200.

So yes, now I feel like a complete asshole. I was thrilled she was leaving I might have even considered throwing a party. Not a farewell party for her but rather a ‘don’t let the door hit you on your way out’ party. After one year of being tolerant and accepting I was ready to snap. Then she comes back and gives me a gift. And it is a pretty cool gift too. I mean Samsung is a cool brand and she even bought me an original piece that came packed in a box and everything. A sturdy cardboard box with plastic moulds for holding the product in place and all.

The Samsung Bluetooth Headset WEP200 came with an entourage of its own. It got a cool little travel case which is actually the charger box. You got to plug the switch straight onto the box then close it with the headset inside before it begins to charge. Then it got 3 spare sleeves for the headset and some sort of ear hook thing. I would probably need that because I got funny ears. All in all, the pieces were pretty sturdy.

So I charged the sucker for about a half hour then decided to see if it would even work with my Nokia N95, and it did. There was some confusion for me regarding the flashing blue lights and clicking the multipurpose button, but after about 5 minutes I actually got it to work, which is pretty good for me. That button is going to be a problem for sure though. Apart from functioning as the on/off button, it also serves to answer calls (one click) reject calls (one longer click), and even do the voice dialing! I am so not going to be able to figure that out. I never want to be one of those people walking down the street talking into the air nor do I have a car here so I can use this contraption while I am driving. So I guess I will fuck with it for a few days then lose it in my bottom drawer. As for the chick who left, she is getting married soon, so all’s well that ends well.

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