Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dragon Orb Tattoo – Part I

I met Vina through my blog last year and during my last visit to Jakarta I accompanied her to my friend Icons shop to get her first tattoo. She knew exactly what she wanted and although she was a bit scared of the pain factor, she handled it like a champ. I know tattoos are addictive but I was still surprised when she wrote to me last month saying she was ready to put down another layer of ink. I really wanted to be there to give her company but I am stuck in China till February. I was with her in spirit and more than happy to lend my advice regarding the design. Vina wanted to get the words ‘Peace of Mind’ tattooed on her back. She had also mentioned that she wanted to get a dragon tattoo at some point. Now while some people may think that dragons are overdone, they are missing the point. I love new age tattoos myself but old school dragon designs and Japanese style tattoos are timeless classics. They never go out of style while tribal pieces already look pretty outdated to me. So I suggested to Vina that she could get both these tattoos together by putting the words in an orb that is guarded by the dragon. We threw some pictures back and forth and she finally went with this.

Icon has laid down the outlines and she is going to go back soon for the color. I can’t wait to see what that is going to look like. I don’t think color would look good on my skin but with the new technology in colored ink now these tattoos can really POP. I got to say that Vina got guts for getting a big piece done right off the bat. Most people start with really small ones and then eventually get them covered up by larger pieces over time. If I had started at an older age I would rather have gone with larger tattoos straight away as well.

Vina also sent me 2 more pictures of tattoos other clients she met there that day had laid down. Icon uses ink imported from Japan. Great stuff, Thanks Vina.

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