Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Roller Skates

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and I am ready to get the fuck out of China once again. A holiday is out for the question for me but I am making a business trip back to West Africa. I have not been home to Ghana in almost 3 years so I am pretty stoked even though I will only be there for a week. Right now Ghana is hosting the African Cup of Nations football tournament which is actually a pretty big deal and I should be able to catch a game or 2 while I am there. The hype surrounding this event is massive, and I did not realize how colossal until a friend just informed me that on the way home from a party the other night, he stopped off at independence square where he heard music and saw what seemed t be a concert. He entered the arena to find none other than STEEL PULSE giving a fully fledged performance!!! If you do not know who these guys are you are truly missing out. They are emissaries of reggae music who play some of the liveliest and invigorating beats I have ever heard. Their songs and music are fucking legendary. Of the bands I want to see perform before I die, I would put them right up there with Pink Floyd and U2. And they were in Ghana and I missed them!!!

On the other end of things, life here has been busy as hell with the workload piling up before the big vacation. But when I work hard I play even harder. And when I play too hard things get a little messy. My boy Deddy is up here from East Africa as well so that turns things up a notch even further. He got in on Friday night and I had to show him around the GZ, guzzling as much JD as we could consume along the way. I remember using my cell phone at some time around 4am and that was the last time I saw it. I managed to hold on to the N95 for a little over a year I think. Not such a bad run really, concidering most of my phones have lasted about 6 months on average. So I managed to recover the same number at least and should be back on the grid by tomorrow afternoon when I decide what phone I am going to go with. I am considering the Nokia E51. I suck with this electronics bull shit and my cousin recommended this piece to me. I want to stick to Nokia as well so I can recover most of my contacts from the back up on my PC. This is the first time I am backed up so I don’t feel so shitty about the fact. It was an awesome night and one phone is a small price to pay. As for my integrity and virginity, both are still intact.

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