Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wikid Gear

I have mentioned Know it Nothing, my buddies shop in Singapore a bunch of times. There is also a link to his blog on my side bar. He opened up the shop some time last year on Haji lane and although I have wanted to visit him, a trip to Singapore has just not materialized as yet. I have been seeing the pictures of unique stuff he has been stocking his store with on the blog but I have not had a chance to get my hands on anything, until now. I finally just had him pick out some shit for me and ship it over. KIN has an awesome range of sunglasses. This pair is not just sharp, but also durable.

He sent me a couple of PAM t-shirts as well. The proprietor of the store is a sneaker aficionado and their range of footwear is off the chain. If I could order a pair of shoes without trying them on I would. The fact that each design in his store is selected personally by him makes all the difference. You will not find the space full of brands and models that KIN is required to display by their vendors, but rather only designs suited to the mans personal sense of style. In this day and age where markets are controlled by volumes and mass production lines, it is a breath of fresh air to still see business people committed to to keeping the scene fresh and steering clear of conformity.

Mahalo Surri. I am lovin the gear man. Fuck the system and keep it coming.

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