Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Indo Dreamin' in China

It’s been a little more than 2 weeks I think since I left China. And the motto thus far has been work hard, play harder. As already mentioned, I had an awesome 3 days vacation in Dubai although I still do not care much for the place and there is very little that would entice me to take a voluntarily vacation there. This picture is actually what makes the whole trip worth it. I wonder if I will ever get sick of posting this. I don’t think so.

The trip to Ghana was equally splendid because I got to watch a bunch of matches for the CAN African Cup 2008, including the final between Egypt and Cameroon. I have never seen Ghana in such festive spirits before. Hosting the African Cup really brought out the best in the county and its locals. I got a whole lot more to say about this and some wikid photos and videos to post as well. I also got a chance to link up with friends I have not seen in almost 3 years. It is refreshing to see how some of them have matured and how others like me seems to be getting more immature every day. There was time to reflect on how much the city has changed since the last time I was there and how much I have changed as well. I love being in Ghana and driving down the same roads my father used to drive me to school on when I was 7 years old. I love meeting people who knew me before I began to believe I even knew myself. Going back to Ghana every few years is a wakeup call in a way for me to remember where I have come from and what I really hope to achieve in the near future.

I travelled across Ghana into Togo and across to Benin. The experience of crossing land borders is so much more exploratory than flying into airports, especially in Africa. Standing there watching traders walk from one country into another with every possession they own stuffed into one bag balanced meticulously balanced on their head is just one of the stark reminders of how difficult life can be. And moreover how courageous some individuals are to overcome the challenges that are presented to them. The scenery we drove through told a whole story of its own.

Work hard, play harder. That is why I have not been able to put up a single post since I got to Accra. When I was not doing what it is that I do, I was rushing to meet up with friends at a chop bar and stuff my face with the food I grew up on, not to mention Star beer. I probably averaged about 4 hours of sleep a night but it was well worth it because I did not want to miss a damn thing. There is also so much more I wish I had time to do but not having done it leaves me wanting for more of Ghana, so I can live with that. I can’t begin to tell you how revitalizing it was to sweat again… Profusely! And now Indo Dreamin’ is back in China pulling off yet another tour of duty. I practically froze my nutz off going into the shower this morning. But rest assured that I will keep myself entertained.

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