Thursday, February 21, 2008

Las Vegas Clothing Store – Karama Market - Dubai

Everything is made in China. You heard me. EVERYTHING is made in China. So why would a person living in China travel half way around the planet to buy shit that is available in his own back yard? I have no fucking idea but that is exactly what I did. Again I will remind you that I DO NOT care much for Dubai as a city. So when I accompanied my travel companion to Karama Market I had no intention to shop at all. In fact he promised to show me a creek with traditional Arabian boats on it, and he assured me there would be food vendors selling all kinds of grilled meats and local delicacies. Instead all we saw was a labyrinth of stores in an area that proved no small feat to navigate. So I foolishly followed him around as he shopped, looking over the shoddy items most of the stores were stocking, until I came across the Las Vegas Clothing Store.

The frontage of the store was a lot like all the others but what really drew me in was the massive range of caps they had displayed on the ceiling. And although I could tell that all this stuff was from China, I still had to appreciate the range they had selected. You see in China there are a million styles of caps available in hundreds of different qualities and someone has got to take the time and effort to go through all that shit and figure out what is worth buying. These guys had obviously crossed that gap.

Their collection of jeans was equally fantastic, all made in China as well. But whereas in China it is really hard to find large sizes, these guys had it all sorted out. I could tell that some of the jeans were of an inferior quality than what would hit the shelves in the US, but at these bargain prices they were well worth it. They even had stock of True Religion jeans that I have never come across here.

The t-shirts, jumpers, sweatshirts, and sneaks were all off the hook. Some were branded nonsense that was not really my style and others were just too damn fly. Again the prices were not exactly cheap but the boys at the store were open to the bargain. They were really helpful too when it came to trying on different stuff and commenting on what looked good or not. Later on we passed some other stores selling similar gear but none of them offered the same quality or selection as Las Vegas. So if you are looking for good deals and are not fixated on shopping in the Mall of the Emirates then check out this spot. I lost the actual address of the shop but looking for it in Karama Market will only spice up the adventure for you. This is NOT a sponsored post but if you go in there and tell them how awesome Indo Dreamin’ is, they will hit you up with a 10% discount right off the bat.


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