Monday, March 24, 2008

Movin on Up

I moved into a new apartment this weekend. This is actually the first time I am living on my own with no family or no roommate. I have not got any pictures of my new place yet but I am lovin it. Not just because the place is phat, but I am looking forward to spending time on my own and exploring my personal interests and developing new projects. This is the plan for now but I do not really know how it will unfold. I have decided not to subscribe for cable and just stick to music and dvds for entertainment. It is no secret that we could all be a whole lot more productive if it was not for the box. I will miss all the cool shows but I can always hang out at my parents place when I wanna catch up with the TV. There is a spare room that I have converted into a study where I have got my books and I will set up my PC. It is an awesome room to write in and work on my movie projects. The kitchen is tiny so I will probably not be experimenting with food as much as I used to. Other than that I really love the new place. It is brand spanking new with decent furniture so all I really need to do is pick up accessories every now and then to personalize the joint and give it some flavor. Things were hectic this last week but now that I am rolling solo I am hoping the creative juices will flow and I can complete Obrgado Brasil by next weekend. All I really have left to do is a couple of voice overs and some editing on a scene from the first part.

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