Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rasta Brushes by Indo Dreamin'

This is not my greatest effort but I needed some Bob Marley Brushes right away for something I was working on so I threw these together. I have added in a couple of other African images and a couple of Rastafari himself. There are only 12 brushes in this set but I hope to add on a bunch more by this weekend. For now you can download the Rasta Brushes here. I cant believe I never thought of doing a set like this before. I wish I had more time to put into this right now and make them all original brushes, but I am running against the clock these days. Hopefully things will let up soon. I figured out something cool on Photo Shop that allowed me to do that thing I have done with the Bob Marley image on the picture below. Its actually pretty cool i think. I just gotta work it out with better colors and images. Oh, and there are 2 Ganja Brushes. Only 12 brushes in all, more to come. Aloha.

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alshia m. said...

These are really great! Thank you so much for offering these for free like this! These are specialty brushes I've been looking for!

Now the only prob is with this rapidshare or mediashare (I forget which) because there's a lot of spam to get through to get the brushes. I just clicked on the link to the brushes and then hit download & it led me to a page asking me about home ownership. I'm going to try to download it again because I really love these brushes!