Monday, March 10, 2008

USB Can Cooler

Check out what found its way to my desk today! A USB drink cooler! This little fucker is pretty awesome. It plugs right into the USB port on my computer and keeps whatever drink I have cool. Who gives a damn if I have a high tech water dispenser in my office, or that last month I bought a ridiculously over priced display fridge to store my juices?

Now I can sit at my desk while the little fucker keeps my drinks cool. Or WARM!!! It keeps drinks hot as well, but I hope it does not melt my plastic bottle. Unfortunately there is no product name on the box the little fucker came in, that is why I just keep calling it the little fucker.

But looking at the printing on the outer box it seems somebody ordered the little fucker for Star TV and Channel V. Poor bastard was probably destined to sit on the desk of some high powered network official or maybe even grace television screens across Asia featuring in a cameo as some prop on MTV Jams. But now the little fucker is here with me, in a seedy office in Guangzhou, and within a week he will find his way into a pile of junk right next to my desk where it will collect dust for roughly 6 months until I do my annual clean up and give it away in the office raffle draw.

Now the big question we should all be asking is how well does the little fucker work? After all it is ‘Made in China’. But Ill have you know that not all the shit that’s made in China is rubbish, you get pretty much what you pay for. I cant say exactly what the little fucker costs, but I will tell you that it is cheap. So cheap in fact that I putting it up to some quality control challenges. At this very moment the little fucker is hard at work under my desk where I loaded it with a lukewarm bottle of water. I set the machine to COOL and now I am gonna see how long it is before that water gets chilled. I will say that the motor runs quite silently for now. Lets see how much abuse the little fucker can take before I totally ruin it.

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