Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The New Ride at Chimelong Paradise Park – GZ

It was almost one year ago that I first visited Chimelong Paradise Amusement Park in Guangzhou. And if you look back to that post you can see that this park is pretty state of the art. It is cleaner than any amusement park I have been to, they have an awesome circus, and even more spectacular stunt show, and the rides are all well maintained. I would have to see Chimelong Paradise is actually one of the most Amusing Amusement Parks I have had the pleasure of visiting. Since my first visit I have gone back a couple more times to experience all the rides and on my last visit I noticed a new ride that I HAD to try. So my buddy Wang hooked up a group on Facebook and a couple of old friends with some new friends all got together last Saturday to make the trip up to Panyu. All in all, I think there were close to 30 of us.

It was a perfect Spring day here in Guangzhou. The sun was shining but the weather was cool. The kind of day where you can move around all you want out doors and not even break a sweat. Its what I like to call, good drinkin weather. Actually, any weather is good drinkin weather. This weather is particularly good for Vodka and juice. Warmer weather calls for beer and cooler weather calls for bourbon.

I got to admit that I was pretty excited about the ride. I don’t know what it is called but it is a sort of roller coaster with 2 massive vertical drops. When I say massive, I mean it towers over every other ride in the park, and by vertical, it hits a straight 90 degrees!!! The first drop is the behemoth one and the carriage actually stops right at the top of it for a good 10 seconds. I was in the front row looking straight down, it was off the hook man.

Being a Saturday the park was pretty crowded and the line for the new ride was quite long, but they had quite a few carriages running back to back so we were on the ride in no time. Other rides in fact were not so pleasant. The lines took forever. So by the end of the day I think I only managed to ride 2 attractions, the second one being the massive Frisbee which I have done many times before. Although this puppy might not seem so daunting, it packs quite a punch. The arm swings really high while you spin around and around on the Frisbee head. The kicker is that when it reaches the highest point you go weightless, like you just hang there. While I usually enjoy this ride thoroughly, after polishing a bottle of vodka while waiting in line, I did not feel so fresh up there.

For the last ride I decided to try the one I had never tried before, 4D Dino Raiders. Its one of those virtual things that is not just 3D but takes it to the next level with some sort of interactive bullshit. I really had no ide what to expect but at least I was not going to get flung around like a rag doll.

We all got a pair of these 3D glasses and then took seats in the theater on these chairs that were fitted with speakers and some funky nozzles. The movie was about these cute dinosaurs that were chilling just eating and minding their own businesses. Then these space ships come along and start shooting the hell out of the dinos. It was quite sad really. But then the god of the dinosaurs who was this big red sucker with wings, he shows up and fights away the raiders. All this time the seat is jumping and jolting, the nozzles behind my head blew air into my ears when jets took off, when the dino would spit I got hit in the face with a spray of water, and at one point there was even rain. It was actually pretty wikid. There was one more very invasive feature on the ride that I will let you find out about by yourself though.

Overall, another eventful weekend in the GZ. We spent the rest of the night getting pissed at Cohiba and then hitting a club. Sunday was a complete write off for me but these random gatherings are really worth it. Mahalo Wang and the ‘Livin in GZ’ crew.

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