Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Easy Way Motorized Skate Board

I was a bit fed up of sitting behind my desk yesterday so I decided to go wander around the Canton Fair. It was the second last day of the exhibition. There was the portion for the Toy Exhibition going on and that is always fun. You can usually see some cool remote control helicopters and play with loads of musical instruments. None of this shit is work related for me but it’s a damn good way to pass time. So while crisscrossing through the aisles we came across the Easy Way Motorized Skateboard. This sucker is a massive skateboard that weights 15kgs at least. It has a huge rechargeable battery and a motor that takes you to speeds up to 35km per hour. I had a blast playing with this thing at the fair and we even got some footage of it. The model I was riding in this video costs about $200 and I was seriously considering picking it up but it weighed a ton and I cannot imagine picking it up every time I reached a flight of stairs. There was a smaller model with lithium battery that weighed less but it was way more expensive too.

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