Monday, May 05, 2008

Japan Toys

So continuing on my quest to explore new and exciting experiences in Guangzhou, I ventured out to what I thought was an exhibition of Japanese toys. Now this was not a glorified event so I did not expect to see high tech toys, but rather I know these Japanese kids are on the cutting edge of design and these toys sometimes influence some of the meanest street fashion out there. But I was in for one hell of a shock when I walked into a music show featuring 3 girls making music using Japanese toys! That’s right, while one chick was bent over her iMac pumping out electronic beats that flowed in the background, another girl held her guitar loosely and ran various plastic toys up and down the string creating some pleasant and not so pleasant sounds. The lead singer, if you could call her that, was dressed in a funky red outfit with multicolored stockings and her hair tied in pigtails, which is pretty stereotype for a young Japanese rocker. She used the mike and her voice to create some pretty unique sounds and coupled that with a variety of clicks, whistles, beeps, and dings made by a wide selection of old school Japanese toys. I thought I brought back a flyer with these performers name on it but I can’t for the life of me find it. But I did manage to get some footage on my E51, which is nowhere near as good as my old N95. But, this clip right here, it is a MUST SEE. You can download it if you want as well, The Asian Girls Making Music with Japanese Toys.

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