Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pop Pan Spring Onion Crackers

I don’t know where these come from but by god the Pop Pan Spring Onion Crackers are off the chain. I can’t remember if I have ever eaten them anywhere else in the world. I do not think Pop-Pan Crackers are made in China. But as long as they are available here I am satisfied. I also recall having tried a Sesame Seed flavor which was slightly sweet, very satisfying, but nowhere as tasty as the Spring Onion Flavor. The suckers are the perfect compliment for cheddar cheese, cream cheese, pepper jack cheese, and even blue cheese. It is like they bring their own personality to the party. You do not even have to eat them with cheese or any other condiment because they are just as awesome consumed solo. I have had nights where I have killed 2 boxes of these puppies just in a span of 30 minutes. That’s over 200 crackers! To say the Pop Pan Spring Onion Crackers are addictive would be a grossly mild understatement. I would not go as far as to call myself a connoisseur of crackers or the sultan of saltines but I have sampled my fair share of biscuits. I even have a friend who owns a biscuit factory so I know a bit of what goes into making a biscuit. I can tell you right off the bat that Pop Pan uses some high quality flour. Their flavoring and ingredients are also very well balanced. I have been eating these crackers for 2 solid years now and every batch they produce has been steady and consistent. Each cracker is also very thin and flaky, each piece perfectly baked, the toasty flavor well retained in the foil packaging. If you are crackers about crackers, you can’t go wrong with the Pop Pan.


Nehal said...


A friend from UAE recently brought many packs of POP PAN spring onion flavour crackers for me. When I read the ingredients I was shocked to read that it may contain fish products. I am a vegetarian from India and I do not eat fish. I am ok with egg. Now here the question is does it actually have fish products or it doesn't? Please reply soon. My friend is all praise for these crackers.


Anonymous said...

No fish products!
I have a box here 0 here is the list of ingredients:
Wheat flour
Oils (palm and coconut)
milk powder
chemicals (E304, E322, E307)