Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pocari Sweat

The Canton Fair is upon us once again in Guangzhou. I was on my way home to blog about how much I hate this city during the fair. But you are not going to have to scroll through me droning on and on about lecherous businessmen, parasitic women, and obnoxious cab drivers because I came across this ad for POCARI SWEAT in my elevator.

I remember I was living in Indo when I first came across Pocari Sweat. The first thing that struck me of course was the name. Why would anyone call their drink Sweat? That’s a bit of a turn off and I thought this product would not last 2 weeks. That was over 5 years ago. Since then I have come to learn that this beverage actually originated in Japan and looking back now it was probably one of the first Ionized Sports dinks manufactured in the Far East to hit the local markets. Until that point Gatorade probably held the entire market share. In case you have not tasted Pocari Sweat, it tastes pretty much like sweat with some sugar. But it is quite refreshing after sports and good for replacing lost nutrients. Okay, I made that last part up. We all know what these ionized drinks are supposed to do in theory but for the life of me I cannot figure out what the images on the ad are claiming Pocari Sweat can do, they just get more and more insane as they go along!

When you are out playing football!

When you are standing in the sun all day!

Or even when you are stuck behind your desk working on the laptop computer that lloks suspiciously just like your arm.

When you really feel like you need to take a shower or just stand under a street lamp...

Just get on the train, and dont forget to take your briefcase containing spending money.

But you must be carfull not to get an electric shock from any faulty light bulbs you might come accross.

LightiOr lightning bolts will shoot out of your mouth. In which case there is only one remedy!!!

Reach for your closest bottle of Pocari Sweat! For fast and instant releif.

Pocari Sweat will redirect all lightning bolts to flow cunningly out of your aRse, like William Wallace.

Take a nap. Like any good man deserves after having multiple lightning bolts shot out of his aRse.

WARNING*** Please remember that Pocari Sweat is banned on all domestic and international flights. Lightning bolts originating from passengers asses have been officially linked to numerous airborne fatalities.

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