Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Up to Speed

For so long now I have been listening to people talk about streaming video and how they watch movies online, also how fast their You Tube service is. But honestly, I have never witnessed anything of the sort. Every time I try to watch a video clip online or even watch anything on you tube, I got to let it download completely first which sometimes takes ages. Other times I just keep seeing the fogger buffer again and again and again. It is so damn frustrating. But a friend of mine recently directed me towards a Chinese based video hosting site called Youku. For the first time I have now experienced what a fast internet connection can do. It is awesome! Although Youku is Chinese, it has links to all sorts of movies, series, and video clips. I spent Saturday night just digging up random shit I could think of like bloopers from Friends, How I met your Mother, Scrubs, and even The Benny Hill Show. They had loads of episodes of all of them. They even had practically every music video I could think of and some really old clips of Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix which were really fun to watch. I even pulled up a couple of Miles Davis recordings. I had never seen actual video clips of him playing before. To top all that off, they even had movies! I found the original Airplane and even Arizona Dream, both of which I have not been able to find in any DVD stores. I have been so excited looking through what they have that I have not actually sat down and watched anything. It does suck a little bit watching clips on the PC, but when your monitor is big it does not look all that bad really. I mean I am not that desperate to watch new release films but when you can just remember something and check it out in seconds to relieve yourself of that nostalgia, Youku rocks. I am not sure how fast it is around the rest of the Far East but it should be worth checking out. The entire interface is in Chinese but you can
figure out where to type in the keep words and just hit enter.

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