Sunday, May 18, 2008


I have an idea for a photography project. Lets get a group of 20 suicidal junkies together. I mean a pack of humans that have pretty much given up the possibility of ever having a remotely significant existence. Or if you prefer a group of lousy criminals who have raped children and killed mothers. We focus a dirty old camera with black and white film on their mug. No digital shit. Real live film and no artificial lighting either. In fact, lets dub this ‘project real’. So the miserable excuse for a human being who is poised in front of the lens holds a Remington 6 chamber pistol to the side of his head that houses a click button in the trigger. The chambers are loaded with only one bullet and spun Russian Roulette style. The subject pulls a trigger and the camera captures on film the exact moment where the soul sees death. Where the eyes reflect the exact moment of realization. It could be fear, anger, or hate… Regret? There is no humane way to do this. No loop holes where you fool the subjects into believe the bullets are real but in fact they are not. It needs to be ‘real’. 20 shots, 20 pictures. Watch.

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