Friday, May 30, 2008

XYGZ T-Shirts

My buddy Andy at XYGZ designed a few t-shirts for his girlfriends birthday bash tonight. She is turning 21... These are just the just the initial drawings he used. Ill post pictures of people actually sporting the gear soon enough. Although this is not a complete collaboration in design but XYGZ tagged his gear with some of my logos which is pretty phat. Right here we got 3 styles for the ladies and 3 for the fellas. We hope this marks the beginning of some joint ventures between XYGZ and Indo Dreamin'. You will not find any of this limited edition XYGZ gear for sale in any stores. Only 21 pieces per design were printed, each numbered for identification. But I do have a couple to hand out so if any of you are interested let me know. And take my word for it, they are off the chain!

Check out the limited edition inner tag... This was the initial design but the final one is even better, with only 21 pieces printed in each design to commemorate Natasia's 21st birthday.

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