Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Little Recap

The weekend was fucking legendary, even though my cousin could not make it for his own bachelor party. We had an awesome time on his behalf. Is it evident that I have been watching way too much ‘How I Met Your Mother’? So we stayed at the Wynn. Not the best hotel I have ever stayed at but the rooms were massive. Service was actually substandard compared to Thailand and Bali, but in all fairness, this is a casino catering to a completely different dynamic than I am used to.

Food… We hit 2 recommended restaurants in the city and all of them; I mean all of them were fucking fabulous. The last place we landed at totally by chance plus it was a score and a half as well. Look forward to detailed reviews of Thai food, Macanese food, and above and beyond all mentioned foods I have ever tasted, the one and only Morton’s Steak House. I am a born again devout non-Hindu or follower of any other doctrine that forbids the killing or consumption of cows.

We hit the club scene with a vengeance. At first it was impossible to find a place that was not Karaoke or massage related, or stripper and hooker affiliated, but when we hit that groove, everything just fell into place. I know I have said this a million times before, and knock on wood again; I have the best luck when it comes to meeting awesome people in random situations. Mahalo to all of you that made this trip even more fantastic than we hoped it could be. Loads more pictures and coverage of the Macau night life after the jump.

Where luck shines on me in some fields, it abandons me in others. To no real surprise I had ZERO fortune on the tables. I lost my entire gambling budget (and more) in less than 30 minutes on the tables. But my man RicheREEE was not so ill-fated. We all suspected he had lost his shorts and left him with only a few hundred Macau Dollars on the tables at 7am on the last morning, and then we were stunned to see him walk back into the room at 1pm having quadrupled his money over 100 times!!! In case you lost count, he pretty much covered his entire trip…. 5 times!!! For as long as I have known this man I have regarded him as one of the most passive fellows on earth. I have never seen the brother loose his cool. But once this fogger hit the table it was as though the planet spun off its axis and he slipped straight across the river Styx and into Lucifer’s lap. The man became a foul mouthed beast, the likes of which I have never seen in my 31 years of existence on this planet. The scene which came to my mind as I saw him furiously ridicule the timid dealer when she flopped a picture over her drawn 14 was that from the movie Snatch, of Frankie 4 Fingers losing scope of reality to the tune of ‘Viva Las Vegas’.

I got back to the GZ late Sunday night and ran to the airport at some ungodly hour in the morning to catch a flight for some work related shit. Work hard, play harder that is still the motto. But I tell you, the last 3 days have been rough. I finally feel like I am getting my legs back. After spending 3 nights at a luxurious room in the Wynn I checked into a the decrepit room in (undisclosed location) with its peeling walls, air conditioner breaking down at 4 am, no hot water in the morning, and freaky people trying to get into my room at midnight. I love the twists and turns life takes, where every day is an adventure so far drawn from the one before, except when I got served this plate of Bees for lunch. Yes, you hear me, bees. You can only imagine how I felt when this dish hit the table while I was nursing a 4 day hangover.

But I am fuckin souljah and I put a few of these puppies down with a smile on my face. At dinner the gracious host consecrated me with the large gooey eye ball of a fish and a fin lager than any fin I have seen on a fish 2 feet long. Plus the fogger had a strange rubbery texture. The eye of the fish was to insure I have good foresight into the future, and the fin symbolized the wings I would need to take me where I need to go. How could I turn that down?

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