Friday, June 20, 2008

Back in the Saddle...

I use the same title every time I get back to work from a great vacation. And although I had a fantastic time in Bali, it was not what I call an ideal vacation. I went there to help my cousin with his wedding and to attend the wedding of course. He is an Event Organizer is Indonesia so for his wedding they went all out. I have been to a bunch of weddings but this one was by far one of the best I have seen. For 5 days we participated in some seriously extravagant events from parties on the beach to a full blown concert and fireworks display at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana arena in Bali. Being one of the hosts myself, I managed to catch only a few hours of sleep a day, but other member of the family and his team worked even harder on even less sleep. From the bar tenders to the numerous drivers that kept the logistics in check, everyone was fucking awesome. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures, but as and when they do surface on Facebook I will post them on my blog. For anyone else interested in seeing what the wedding had to offer you can check out the website “I Do in Bali”.

It was really cool being involved in the making of a wedding of a wedding. I attended meetings between my cousin’s team and the team of the Westin Resort in Bali, which had over 30 people on each side. I have been in boardrooms with Sanyo and Sony that were less strenuous. The attention to detail and preplanning that goes on in a hotel for functions of this magnitude is horrendous. I even had the opportunity to visit ice carvers in Bali as well as numerous other entertainers. In the end there were no hitches and all the guests had a blast. We even managed to leave them speechless with some of the unique entertainment choices my cousin selected. I hope to share more about the wedding soon. But as for now, I have a mountain of work to catch up with. Aloha.

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