Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No Country for Old Men

Of course many great things have been said about this movie. In fact everyone I know who watched this movie said it was fantastic. All of them also said it was extremely slow. I have had the DVD in hand for over a month now but not until last Friday might was I actually motivated enough to stick it I the player and give ‘No Country for Old Men’ my undivided attention. The last full length film I watched was ‘There will be Blood’ so compared to that I did not find this movie slow at all. Rather I was on the edge of my seat right from the word go. The first few shots were super with sunrise scenery across the American desert. And from there the movie just took off. The character development was great although this was not really a character driven plot. I found the movie to be more like an old school western with a very simple plot, man on the run with money. I was rooting for the tragic hero and cursing the villain, and then all of a sudden the movie ended. At first I thought my disc skipped to the end but that was not the case. The end was so abrupt that it just caught me off guard. I actually went back and checked if the disc skipped. Why the fuck do film makers feel they have to get all crazy artistic right at the end of the film just to make their point. I was loving it and then I don’t know what the fuck happened. Did I miss something? Who ended up with the cash? Why was there a car accident? I got absolutely no closure. I would still recommend people who enjoy film to watch the movie because of the way it was shot but if you are looking for pure entertainment, you might be left a little frustrated. As for the acting, superb. All except for Tommy Lee Jones, I am pretty sick of seeing him as the sheriff. Tonight I am going to try and watch it from a ‘different’ perspective to see if it takes on some new meaning.

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