Sunday, August 10, 2008

Arrows Background Stencil

I am still going strong with the stencils. I have my mind set on making a massive mural on canvas using mostly stencils. So along with all the pictures I am making to feature on the mural, I am also making some stencils now to serve as designs for the back ground, that will even have other stencils painted over parts of them. All of this is experimentation of course so I took a shot to see how these arrow vectors would look as graffiti.

Relatively quick and easy to cut.

First layer in blue. This is new color I picked up. It is a bit on the light side.

Layer 2. I could have actually made this a 3 layer in red, yellow, and green but I ran out of paper.

The yellow paint tends to drip a lot. I also need to be more fluid with my movement when spraying to achieve balance distribution. But overall, I like...

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