Saturday, August 09, 2008

Zesta Chilli Sauce

I like my food spicy. And with stuff that can't be cooked spicy, I'll douse it or dip it in chili sauce. Now when it comes to spicy condiments, the first brand that would come to most peoples minds would be Tabasco. It is more of a dousing sauce than a dripping sauce though. And it has an extremely distinct flavor of its own that can sometimes envelope the the intended flavor of the food you are eating. In other cases like with home delivery pizza, it is the perfect compliment. For dipping purposes I have 3 favorite sauces, the first being my home made shitto. After that I opt for Sambal ABC from Indonesia. And my most recent delight is the Panamanian sauce my friend H to the Hizzo brought back for me. Everything else is just what I have to make do with because I don't have the the real shit. I rarely come across any spicy dipping sauces that are worth second notice. But recently while in Kenya I experienced Zesta Chilli Sauce.

Although the packaging looks very simple and the sauce looks like it is made in some home industry, the bar tender at this bar in Nairobi assured me that Zesta is one of the more popular brands of chili sauce in the city. It was served up to me with an order of 1 whole grilled chicken. And as I have said so many times before, you ain't eaten chicken till you have eaten an African chicken. The color of the sauce is actually more bright red than it appears it in the picture, so I was a bit put off at first and asked for some home made shit. That was great stuff too, but when I tried the Zesta Chili Sauce, I was blown away. It was light, but very spicy and it also had a unique flavor of its own, extremely unlike any other chili sauce i have tasted.

Zesta Chili Sauce is produced by TRUFOODS LIMITED in Nairobi, Kenya. And unless you have a friend down there I can not think of any other way you can get hold of this stuff. But if you enjoy your spicy condiments, this has got to be one of the items on your wish list.

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