Sunday, August 03, 2008

Gonzo Stencil

I still got the bug fo0r stenciling and I have been experimenting extensively with various designs. Some of them turn out crap, while others are pretty fucking awesome. However my only available canvas has been the wall space in my house so as time goes on it is starting to look more and more like I am living behind a dumpster. But I kind of dig the ambiance. Once I have the basics down I will probably just whitewash the whole surface and put up a mural using all the stencils I have made. Anyways, this one of the GONZO symbol turned out pretty awesome. XYGZ hooked me up with proper cutting tools so now I can get that shit done in half the time. I can really home in on the detailed bits as well.

I threw up a bunch of other new stencils as well.

I am also experimenting with printing on different surfaces as well. This one I got now is not to good for the stencils because it does not absorb any of the paint so I got large drops making their way down the paper and on to the wall. Also it is not stiff enough so I got to to tape down the edges and I loose detail on tight parts of the stencil.

As you can see there is some running of the red paint. Also the black paint can started to run out and went into a sputter. That actually left a really cool effect though which is becoming of the whole splatter style that Ralph Steadman used for the Fear and Loathing artwork. Which as you know is where this symbol is from.

I am still not able to make any changes on Indo Dreamin because I have been blocked from China. But as soon as I am out of here with some time to work online I plan to make the stencils available for download in large format.

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