Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tusker - Kenyan for Beer

In Kenya the most popular and widely served beer would probably be Tusker. I have not travelled across the country personally nor have I hit up all the bars in Nairobi, but whatever limited watering holes I did pull into and replenish myself at, I did notice that every bar was well stocked with Tusker. I did sample a few other local beers as well but found Tuskers to be the smoothest so I stuck to that during my stay in Kenya. Tusker is brewed locally in Nairobi and I believe they have a brewery in Kampala as well. The label itself is almost 100 years old having been established sometime in the 1920’s.

There is actually quite an amusing story about how the beer came to be called Tusker. One of the owners was actually stomped to death by an elephant that belonged to the brewery, he was named Tusker. The elephant, not the co-founder. What I find so amusing is that after the boss was murdered by Tusker the elephant, rather than name the beer after the owner, they rather paid tribute to the killer! The guys at the brewery really must have hated their boss.

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