Monday, September 22, 2008

The 17 Year Picture Project

I love projects that require time and dedication. But this guy just took things to a whole new level. For the last 17 years he has been taking a picture of himself everyday. It may not sound as awesome as it in fact is until you recognize the fact that 17 years ago there were no digital camera's, let alone the internet. So it is not as if he was planning to put this on his blog or anything. He just woke up every morning for 17 fucking years and took a picture of himself. But Dan Hana, the man behind the myth, actually built a contraption that would accurately catalog his aging process over the 17 year period. He did not rely on a girlfriend take the picture or settle for some hand held home made shit. He want balls out on this project.

Tanking a look at this ring he built that holds some heavy symbolism to it, I cant help but notice that Mr. Hana is conducting this project right out of his bedroom. So maybe it was not a matter of allowing his girlfriend to photograph him daily, but rather finding a girl to date him in the first place. But seriously, I think this is an awesome project and I would love to see it culminate into something more substantial that a You Tube video clip.

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