Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tsavo East – Revisited from Voi Gate (Part II)

Continued from Tsavo East –Revisited from Voi Gate (Part I)

While I was in Kenya last July, I visited the Tsavo East game reserve this time entering from the Voi gate. During the game drive on the second day of our stay, we made our way up to the Voi Safari Lodge which is located on a hill in the middle of the savannah 2,050 feet above sea level. As far as the lodge was concerned, I did not really care for the concrete typical hotel style in which they were built. I rather prefer the tented lodges that have more of a rustic feel to them.

The hotel itself is quite large and sits right on top of a hill with a spell binding view of the surrounding plains. You can look out for miles and miles in all directions from any of their numerous viewing points. And the scenery is fucking mind blowing. Sitting out there on your own you can really appreciate the definition of the word ‘space’.

And with the watering holes just below it is an optimum spot for some animal spotting. These pictures pretty much speak for themselves. I got pretty up close and personal with some of the beasts too.

Again, if you have never been on safari in East Africa, I implore you to sell your house, car, clothes, and do whatever the fuck it takes to get out there.

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