Thursday, September 04, 2008

You Tube Stuff

The Funniest Commercial EVER!
That pretty much says it all. This is the funniest TV commercial I have ever seen.

If you ever needed justification to use the the F-Word flagrantly, this is it. I don't know why any one need to be justified to cuss though.

Flash Stickman
If you have ever used the Adobe Flash software you can appriciate the time and effort that has gone into this clip. Truly amazing!

2 Girls 1 Cup
If you have never heard of 2 Girls 1 Cup then consider yourself lucky! This is just one of numerous response videos posted on You Tube. To see the actual clip your best bet would be to download a torrent or the actuall file off whatever P2P network you are using. You might want to consider filing your reaction as well like these people did. If you post yours, I'll post mine. And if you are gonna film yourself, i suggest doing it before you watch anymore reaction videos that give it away.

Indian Song with Subtitles
Benny Lava. HA ha ha ha ha!!!!

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