Friday, November 07, 2008

Gucci x Cadillac Seville Limited Edition

It's got to blow your mind to know that the famous Italian clothing brand Gucci, at one time collaborated on a project with Cadillac. This is not some custom job hooked up by 'Pimp My Ride'. This is a legitimate limited edition release of the Cadillac Seville all crunked out by Gucci.

What good is a limited edition car without its custom key chain. And considering this is a collaboration with Gucci, it would be a shame if this car did not come with its own set of Gucci luggage.

I dont know when this ride hit the asphalt, but judging by the make of the car and the phtos taken, I am thinking it was some time back in the 80's. I think it must have been a really exciting project for designers from these 2 diverse companies to work on together. If a joint venture of this sort took place today I wonder what kind of collaborations we could expect.

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