Thursday, November 06, 2008


I took of my watch when I was about 17 years old. That's about the same time I moved to Hawaii. About the same time I first dropped the pill too. I associated my watch with an expensive handcuff and I believed people (including myself) allowed ourselves to be slaves to the clock. People constantly glancing down at their wrists, on the run, not taking the time to soak up this thing we call life. Although I have let go of such radical thought for now, I do not believe that I have owned or worn a watch since. I am not as set in most of my beliefs as I used to be and I have even accompanied friends while they have dropped 5 figures on extravagant cuffs, I mean watches. I dont give them shit about it but they know what I am thinking. There are some watches like old school Cartiers that are really distinguished, but what the 'exekutiv mudah' (young ballers) are sporting these days looks quite comical to me. Those Jacob's watches are so thick and heavy, you might as well tie a clock to your wrist. Even in terms of design, they are so bulky that I would be smacking them into door frames all day. And you know thats going to hurt every time your $15,000 Hublot goes smack! But that being said, I am kind of warming up back to the watch. Especially when I saw the new 'Men in Rescue Orange' Casio G-Shock.

This watch is not just popping, it is also fucking durable. I have managed to break some pretty well reputed watches in my time including an Omega and a very sturdy Tag Heuer, but I am confident this puppy could stand up to any situation I find my 31 year old ass in. And with a color like this it would be pretty hard to loose as well. But Tango Orange wouild probably not suit most pallets. Thats why Casio Japan is dropping the 'Men in Ice' collection this November. I know a couple of my freinds would cream themselves over this.

Check out more of the Japanese Casio G-Shock collection here. You might be really surprised with what you find. If you grew up in the 80's and early 90's you might regard Casio as a 2nd grade electronics manufacturer but they have stayed the course and in my opinion have now achieved cult staus. Casio's are modern day classics in thier own right. And with thier latest collaboration efforts such as this recent release with the well known filmmaker Spike Lee, they got mad credibility. Christmas is comming baby. You know what I want.

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