Monday, December 01, 2008

Goodies Restaurant - Lagos

I recently spent a few days in Lagos, Nigeria. Most people who have heard of Nigeria will probably tell you that it is not a safe country. Most people who live there will varify those claims. I was advised to move around after dark only when I had armed security excorts and in the daytime with a common level of caution. I thought all these warning just stemmed from overly actiive imaginations and unordinarily high levels of paranoia, but on my 3rd day in Lagos, just as we were entering Victoria Island I got my first taste of the violence Nigeria has to offer. It turns out that just as we were passing through an area on the way home. we decided to take a side street to avoid traffic and at that exact moment 3 armed robberies took place simultaneously at 3 seprate banks, right on the street we were parallel to. I beleive some 11 people were shot including a few by standers accross the street in the supermarket parking lot... 

But Lagos is as notorious for her good food as she is for her armed robberies. We stopped in at Goodies for lunch the other day. 

I had not heard of Goodies before but it located next to one of the best supermarkets on Victoria Island catering to patrons with a craving for imported goods. Goodies is best known for its fresh Lebanese dishes. The first dish we sampled is a local favorite called Zatta. It is basically hot pita bread covered in this dark colored mixture of herbs and spices. It is not available at any of the Arabic establishments in Guangzhou. It is hevenly when dipped in humus or lebneh. 

I have had hummus with fillet beef numerous times, but never with grilled fillet chicken. It was very good. 

It just aint a Lebanese meal without a good selection of fresh veggies and pickles. 

Hallum Cheese from lebabnon is probably one of the best cheeses I have tasted. Well, for cheese toast at least. It tastes so fucking good when grilled. 

The selection of meats at any Arabic eatery would be enough to blow the pants off John Candy. So I cant even begin to get into the selection of dead flesh I indulged in. But rarely would one ever find a carnivore such as myself complimenting a salad. Thats right, I actually enjoyed this crispy pita bread and feta cheese salad... 

Still more to come of the food I have been relishing back home in Ghana. 

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