Tuesday, December 09, 2008

La Tante Royale - Jollof Rice

La Tatnte Royale is the name of the cafe located in the Accra International Airport, right before you head to get to the immigration ques. I don't really go for the airport food but my buddy who was flying with me to Nigeria insisted that these guys serve up some of the best Jollof Rice in the city. Jollof is like the Ghanaian version of Indonesian Nasi Goreng or Malaysian Nasi Lemak. Except this rice is not fried, it is cooked slowly in tomato sause and meat broth. Some of the old time readers might recall my coooking days when I made a few attempts at cooking Jollof.

The interior of La Tante Royal is pretty standard, like you would expect of any african airport cafe. They had quite a few tables though and a fully stocked bar.

The Jollof itself might not have been the best I have had in Accra, but it was pretty damn good. I love the way it is served with salad and chilli sauce as well. The combination is a perfect collaboration of hot and cold.

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