Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pounding Fufu

My favorite Ghanaian food has got to be Fufu. It is a mixture of pulverized yam and plantain. Fist the yam and plantain are both boiled separately till soft.

Then the yam and plantain are both pounded individually till they meet a sort of sticky dough like texture, then they are mixed and further pulverized.

On the side you have the palmnut and groundnut soups bubbling away.

Palmnut stew is never good enough when cooked in a fancy kitchen on some new age oven. The cooks in our house keep this shit old school. Check out the cooker positioned smack in the middle of the kitchen. The bricks on the gas cylinder is probably all that stands between us and an explosion.

When served the soups can either be eaten with boiled yam or fufu. Some people like to eat thier soup and meat with rice.

Fufu is never chewed, just dipped in the stew, then swallowed. It makes for one hell of a meal and can leave you knocked out on your ass for hours after consumption. I love this stuff!

Here is a short video of the cooks pounding fufu. It is a tiring experience I am sure.

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