Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lagos Yatch Club presents "Sail Around the World 2008"

Most people who have not visited Africa and have heard of Lagos expect the place to be ruthless battlefield where expatriates struggle to make it to and from work each day without being shot by a stray bullet from an armed robbers rusty Kalashnikov. But in actual fact the armed robbers in Nigeria carry much more sophisticated weapons and have recently been holding up banks with US Military grade RPG's. Everyday there are stories about people being robbed at gun point and offices being ambushed by rogue mercenaries, but I am happy to day that life goes on. All this madness does not cause the Nigerian residents to stay locked up at home and only make dashes to the supermarket in bullet proofed vehicles. All the folks I met in Nigeria are living it up! While I was in Nigeria my cousin took me along to the 'Sail Around the World 2008' social gathering at the Logos Yacht Club. That's right, Lagos has a prestigious Yacht Club and a Motor Boat Club as well.

Lagos is located on a lump of mainland and a few small islands. There are more bridges and flyovers connecting the jumbled mass than I could keep count of. The Logos Yacht Club is located on Victoria Island, facing out to Apapa Port. Which is an absolutly massive sea port. I cant imagine the water is too fresh to swim in but the Local expats seem to get a kick out of sailing there. I somtimes wonder if white people living in Africa have spent a tad too much time walking around in the sun.

The club boasts a massive garden where members or friends, wives, and reletives of members had the honor of setting up thier own food and drink stalls representiative of thier respective countries of origin. And I got to say some of these dudes went all out. The Dutch booth had kick ass Heineken beer of course and some pickled meets. I was hopping for some Dutch tobacco but the foggers were not willing to share. I know those bastards were blazing back there.

The Irish lads did not go all out and hook up some Guiness on tap, but they had a few treats of thier own. I think I joined them for a few sips of some Irish Whiskey.

Apart from featuring some seriously fine young ladies, the Camaroon booth had the best food at the event. This is not just my opinion but the collective opinion of most of the folks I spoke too. They went all out and set up a massive gril where they served up this heavily marinated chicken. To go with the meat, the Camaroonians dished out grilled plantains, flavored rice, beans, and a small variety of gravied meats. And they never ran out!

The Scotts were not serving up any hot food but what they lacked in the culinary field, they made up for with a sweet selection of Scotish malts. These were served up to the more dicerning visitors. I cant remeber how exactly I convinced them that I fit the bill. I think I might have had somthing to do with the lad playing the bag pipes.

The stalls were all amazing, each with their own signature bestselling item. All food and drink was inclusive in the ticket price though. I dont even know how much that was. The Americans were making mini burgers at thier place which were pretty dry, but they had pitchers of Jack Daniels and lemonade which really hit the spot on a hot night. I think I cleared out more than my fair share there. Then there was the Brits with thier bland ass food, but they had good cold beer. The Italians, Nigerians, and other randoms had food, drink, and wine. Especially note worthy was the Latino stall. It was mostly Latin American women with I believe only one Spanish lady. One might wonder what all these women are doing out in Nigeria. I believe they are married to men who are working for international oil companies. I do not remeber what the latino stall was serving but I spent a lot of time milling around there because these women were HOT! They just kept talking and dancing, talking and dancing... Then there was the guys working with Mearsk Line who ran the Danish stall serving up IKEA style hotdogs and Aquavit shots. The line for this was contantly at least 5 meters long. The little Amrican chick serving up the shots was a real fircracker too.

Overall the night was awesome, just sitting out on the dock with an all you can drink and all you can eat international spread. But to top that all off there was a live band and dancfloor where drunk people proceeded to get down. The "Prudence Band' was awsome. They played all kinds of music from Motown classics to Akon and Beyonce Top 20 Hits. All the tracks however had thier own unique Nigerian beat woven into them. And to top that off there was a Nigerian cultural dance as well. These 3 sexy young Nigerian girls wiggled thier asses, jiggled thier tits, and fanned down thier crotches for a good 30 minutes to Nigerian Highlife Beats. Having gone black, I have reluctantly come back. These chicks make those Indonesian dangdut dancers look like a Disneyland attraction.

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