Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cleaning Up

The last few weeks have been crazy busy. Just trying to tie up all my loose ends so I can have a REAL vacation over Chinese New Year. I will be spending my time between Jakarta and Bali which is awesome. I got a small place in Bali last year where I can work from. Sort of the Indo Dreamin HQ. I have some cool projects lined up so keep lookin this way. In the meantime I am not sure if anyone noticed that I revamped my homepage. I also started working on the other indodreamin blog.It took me fucking ages to figure out how to upload Wordpress themes but today, after watching some tutorials on You Tube, I was finally able to sort my shit out. I also got a theme uploaded that I want to work with. But now to customize it I have to get back to code. This is going to be painful. But my look is pretty simple so I am hoping not to run into too many road blocks. If anyone can offer any advice. I am open. I am aiming to keep this blog separate from the main indodreamin site which I somehow need to legitimize. The posts here will be of a more personal nature, whereas on the other blog I will focus on other shit. I dont exactly know what yet. But I got some fucking ludicrous ideas going on in my head.

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