Tuesday, January 20, 2009

POCOYO x The Beatles on Abbey Road

Home sweet home. Back in Jakarta right in time to some some wikid flooding. The night I arrived I could not even get to my sisters apartment so I crashed at a friends place, after polishing a bottle at the pub. There are no tree’s in J-Town, a dryspell since December I hear. If anyone has the hook up, give your hommie the heads up. The coolest thing is though that I have come back to find one of my nephews, Zubin, has fallen for the Beatles. He likes flippin through tracks on my sisters iPod and he came across some of their tracks. So far he is into the old stuff that became popular after the British invasion, but it is only a matter of time before I lure him into St.Peppers, one of the greatest rock albums of all time. Before my sister had kids, this is the chance I was always waiting for. The opportunity to share music and the other shit I love with my nephews.


So after dinner tonight, I went online with Zubin and started flipping through some of the old Beatles pictures. I was showing him George, Paul, Ringo, and John. The guy was really into the stories I was reciting to him. I told him about The Cavern, where they first jammed and even showed him the old classic photograph from Abbey Road. I decided to leave the whole Yoko episode for a few years. We watched the concert on the rooftop of the Apple Recording Studio’s too. But while looking at pictures there was one that blew his mind to a point where he jumped off the couch and wrapped his arms around me in absolute joy.


I had no idea what POCOYO is but we came across this picture of the POCOYO crossing Abbey Road here. And this is where a 31 year old man crossed culture with his 7 year old nephew. We are going to take a picture here together one day.

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