Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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Is it supposed to be difficult to maintain healthy social relationships? I mean, shouldn't being comfortable with the people you keep close company with come naturally? I can’t even seem to keep shit together online. I’ve just had my head in the clouds for a while, dreaming. It’s hard work trying to shape thoughts into reality. I hope the people I have offended understand that. The beast still breathes. And as the title of this post reveals, this is his lair. If you have reached here in error go there.

I could have made that link open up in another window.I wonder why words you have to type in when creating new accounts or commenting on blogger are getting so hard to read.



I mean seriously, what the fuck is that fist word on about? And I did not even doctor this shit! isil?nsil? I would have to to scroll through  my font lists to decipher what letter of the alphabet these hieroglyphics' represent. And what's more, you got to enter each of these bastards in in their own text box. It’s like there are irobots out there trying to create accounts on lastfm. And they are smarter than I am. All I am trying to do is listen to some music while I hang out in my friends cozy house for a few days and I cant even come up with a login name to create a new account on lastfm. I was pulling words out my ass by the end of it and everything I could think of was taken. How the fuck is that possible? Have I broken the internet? Or maybe I am the only one seeing hieroglyphics. 

It did not take a genius to figure this one out though. That is the whole fiasco spelled out for your right there. I am surprised that McCain/Palin got even one single vote. Wouldn’t it be fucked up if the whole US Election was set up for the Republicans to fall and slip the most corrupt man into the largest treasure vault on the planet. I have felt less blasphemous saying much worse things about gods. HOPE.

Posts here may not be as frequent as they used to be, but somtin’ still de inside me.

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