Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trading Spaces

The move is coming along well. I am satisfied for now with the look the new indodreamin blog page. Except for the banner. I want to put in my own but for the life of me can’t figure out how. I have no education in computer science but having found a really awesome variety of software's I have managed to build a half decent website. Although I did have to pick up on some HTML recognition. The main website is built and managed by Net Objects Fusion. I first used this back in 1998 and the new versions just keep getting better.  I have not even begun to unlock its commercial capabilities. 


About a year or more ago I set up a Wordpress blog and somehow got it assigned the /blog directory. It may sound simple but I remember obsessing over that for quite a while. I even moved over a bunch posts from this blog one by one because after tons of research I found that there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to transfer a blog from the NEW Blogger platform to Wordpress. I dare anyone to refute this. I heard and saw for myself that Wordpress blogs look way better than blogger ones. Unless the author is a bad ass with HTML of course. But I was not able to do anything with the themes. Then I got lost in my other life for a while and forgot about the Wordpress thing. I decided to give the it another shot from a brand new angle  a few weeks ago and I found this video. This chick did more in 3 minutes for  my brain than hours spent reading forums failed to achieve. Once I got comfortable with Filezilla I even figured out how to create, manage, and use folders on my domain/server which is hosted by Go Daddy.


I have settled with a simple theme for now that I feel gives space to the posts. There are tons of themes available on numerous websites. Enough searching could reveal your ideal style pret-a-porter but I am setting my sights on learning how to design my own theme. And then incorporate some bad ass Flash. Idle hands do crazy things. The Blog is hopefully turning into a creative collaboration. I have pulled on board some of the most naturally creative and intelligent people I know who each have a unique way of looking at the world. If they get the fever and start to blog, things could get interesting. There is no agenda though so your guess is as good as mine as to where this thing is going to land. In the meantime, share the link if you like what you see.

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