Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bali CNY 2009

Better late than never I guess. It has been over a month since I went back to Indonesia for the Chinese New Year vacation. I had an awesome time spending time with friends at home in Jakarta and then hanging in out in Bali and fixing up my new office. It was quite an adventure...

I got in to Jakarta and could not make it home that night because Kelapa Gading was flooded from the rain. Maybe if I had gone straight home instead of the bar with my mates I could have made it home before the water rose.

I managed to get away to Bandung for a couple of nights. The art scene there is WAY better than JKT and they got some great graffiti on the streets there. Definitely need to spend more time there.

My parents were in Bali too celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary with Friends. They stayed at Villa Mandalay near Tanah Lot. 6 master bedrooms and a putting green. It was off the hook. I got to spend some quality time with my nephews here as well.

My company has had an office in Bali for a little over a year now but although it was my idea to set it up, I never have found the time to hang out there. They have set up the offices on the 2nd floor and have been kind enough to make a small cabin for me right under the stairs. It has a window looking out into the gudang (warehouse) and a small access door to the bush outback. Its nice to walk out every so often for a bit of fresh air. Some kids had been spraying shitty graffiti on my walls so I left a stencil for them to look at. Maybe next year Ill get a massive mural made out there. I spent most of my time here getting the indodreamin label off the ground. There is still a long way to go but the ball is now in motion. And I have a creative workspace that is only 5 minutes drive from the ocean. Livin the dream baby.

I got loads of paintings commissioned and I had an awesome time just being productive. I have a lot of plans down the road for my operation in Bali but that is going to have to wait till next CNY when I have saved up a bit more capital and I am ready to take some irrational action. For now, keeping busy in the GZ.

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