Thursday, March 26, 2009

One Week in China

I have not been around here in a while. Apart from being really busy at work since the Chinese New Year, I have also been spending a lot of time playing with art. I started stenciling a year ago and now I actually feel comfortable doing some bigger pieces. I stiched together some clips from the XYGZ factory and my last week trotting around China. 7 nights in 6 cities, Shanghai, Ningbo, Beijing, and I dont know what else. China is an awesome country in terms of infrastructure. Unfortunatly I only get to see most of it from the inside of a car or at night. I cant complain about the latter. I am hoping to be stationary for a while, so hopefully more blogging. Check out the newXYGZ blog as well. They are posting up cool shit faster than you can read it!!!
*you tube is down in china so this is hosted on vimeo... 

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