Friday, October 21, 2005

I Am Foolish!

Sitting here in Accra I should be blogging about all the mad Ghanaian food I have already started sampling. But instead, the first place I have actually taken any pictures is the Indon resto that opened up hare only a week ago.

The guy I am with heard about and was very eager to go there. I also decided to take some friends whop were in the area and show off how I can order food in another language. Were you impressed?

The “Banana Leaf” is owned by an Indian family who recently moved here from Jakarta. The menu has Indian and Indonesian food on it and it is similar to Queens in Jakarta. The décor was clean but crap in the sense that it reflected nothing of Indonesia or its culture. They got these lighting up palm trees out side that probably demand notice but they look pretty ugly to me. Inported from JKT for sure.

However they did have Bintang beer and some other local stuff like sambal ABC and Kecap Manis. My Indon friend was on cloud fucking 9, like he had been deprived of his food for years!!! I wanted to kick him up side the head. I thought he had an orgasm when they sambal for him. What a freak.

So I made my Ghanaian friend (Amit) sample the Bintang and he really liked it. I also set it up right between 2 local beers, Star and Club. My choice is clear. As for my guest from Indo, he wanted to order a Bintang, until I told him I would have to take him outside and SHWWWIIIIIPPP him if he didn’t stop acting like such a fucking refugee.

Life has been good so far in Accra, and now that I have the wireless internet hooked up at home, I hope to put up some fresh photos every other day. Work has been fun and long. I am looking forward to a rough night tonight. Detty M!!!


mogs said...

Heh! who is that foking boy in the pitcha? Be careful of him oh. He go sock your beers like someteen oh.

Looks like you guys are havin fun. Awesome.

Lookin forward to some more pics.

rishtafari said...

unbelievable!!! You should be at a crude chop bar chewing banku and goat stew or fufu and light soup, those are the pics i wanna drool at!

Nice pic amit, looking good! Make sure u show Avi wassup in town, dont crawl back in to your cosy shell and watch all those DVDs he brought, they can wait.

Pls take some pics of Osu for us to see, i know it sounds silly but...

AmitD said...

Chale we went out to Champs and played some pool... good fun. Avi has become a champ in pool man! Fuckin made some moves that made my head spin goddamit! But I will twash him before he leaves and also try to prevent him from getting me twashed (on booze) in the process.... foorish boy.

Avi said...

lets see if "hansum" performs tonight. as for last night, no one was there to go out with me.