Saturday, October 29, 2005

Laid Back...

Now that I have finished the bulk of my work, I can finally take things easy and start to vacation. On the way home from work yesterday I think ‘the lord sent me a “message”. I hope the sticker is clear enough.

“RELAX God is on Control” I guess that is the laid back attitude with which many Ghanaians choose to face life. In some way I guess this might be viewed as a positive thing. But on the other hand I came across a receptionist the other day that seemed to live by the rule above. I was beyond frustrated I tell you.

The taxi’s and busses across the city are plastered with numerous slogans and stickers. It is one of the beauties in Ghana. Maybe one day I can share more pictures with you. Ro? One day soon.


rishtafari said...

chale, thats a fine looking taxi for accra standards!

rishtafari said...

Avi, where have u dissappeared to now? Report yourself for duty!