Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm Back

Posting blog’s from Accra proved to be way too tiresome with the slow internet speeds. I could not get any damn pictures up. Apart from that I was also too busy having a good time to bother getting online. So for the next week or 2 I hope to get up a few old posts I had in mind while I was there, exhibiting some of the places I visited. Plus I have a ton of work piled up on my desk to get through. I am sorry for my hiatus, but now I am back.

I visited the restaurant Le Jardien at least 3 times while I was in Accra. I link up there with my uncles every Friday for FUFU lunch. FUFU is a staple food in Ghana. It is basically a mixture of yam and plantain that after a few hours of serious pounding with a large wooden pole, is transformed into a ball of starch that resembles dough. It is then drowned in light soup, groundnut soup, or palm nut sup, with a variety of different meats. The FUFU is then dipped and swallowed, NOT chewed. It is a very heavy meal and leaves one incapacitated for at least 2 hours after consumption. I go with the light soup.

Le Jardien is situated in the airport residential area, just down the road from the Indian consulate. It is an open air chop bar that is nestled within a healthy arrangement of plants and trees. This provides great shade and a smooth breeze always flows through the joint. The menu is very limited but they focus on what they are known for. It is always good times chilling and conversing with Mr. D.

Some of the light weight brothers who can not handle the FUFU opt to eat groundnut soup with rice. This is also a very tasty and fulfilling combination.

Apart from FUFU they also serve up some pretty tasty TSETSINGA (chi-ching-ah). This is basically meat on a stick, coated with a local combination of herbs and spices. My mouth is watering while writing this because no where else in the world have I tasted such good meat. They serve a variety of goat, beef, and gizzard. Not for the weak stomached ones. I like to try my hand at the BBQ.

My Uncle Vish, being a vegetarian usually goes with just 2 boiled eggs in his soup.

No FUFU lunch is complete without mass consumption of the local star beer, chilled to absolute perfection.

Now even I am starving for FUFU. Guess it is back to SATE and NASAI GORENG for me. Too much of a good thing was just not enough for me.


AmitD said...

When were you in ghana brah? I don't remember you coming here... oh wait. Maybe coz the 2 weeks went by so damn fast!!!! Damn foolay!!

Shan said...

Yay you're back!

Avi said...

It was 3 weeks you fokin boy!