Friday, November 11, 2005

Asanka Local - Accra

What I am missing most from Ghana right now is the food. I usually blog around lunch time so as I sift though all my pictures, the only ones screaming to be blogged are the food related ones. At least I know Rishi and Ro are loving this. It’s all for you baby!

Asanka Locals is another chop bar, and this one is pretty well known. In fact it is down right famous. The one I visited was located in Adenta. I did not take pictures of the interior for fear of being labeled a tourist. But I tell you the joint is in true LOCAL flavor. The seating is set around a large open concrete area where they play loud high life music and even on a hot afternoon the customers do not hesitate to get on the floor and shake their asses with a bottle of chilled Malt Guinness in hand. The place is always packed and you will rarely see a non-Ghanaian in the joint.

Outside, as you can see is the ever ready, ever sure, kebab vendor. The sticker on his stand says I (heart) TOTAPAK. For those of you who do not know, a TOTAPAK is a small sachet of Gin. Yes, 2 shots in a sachet, like ketchup at McDonalds. You gotta love the way some people think. My man Kofi is making it known that he too does in fact love the TOTAPAK. And in addition I also do agree that his Guinea Fowl kebab is “unbeatable”.

A closer look at the artwork on the cart reveals an extremely realistic rendition of a severed goats head. Yes, in Ghana when you want mutton you ask for goat, and when you want beef you ask for a cow. I like it like that. There is no beating around the bush. We want our meat and we are not afraid of blood.

This is the most practical and inexpensive BBQ set on the market. You gotta be a fool to spend $300 on a high tech kit when all you really need to do is ge your ass out to the old junk yard and salvage an old barrel. Just make sure it did not contain toxic waste at any point. The “lid” also clearly serves as an extra space to use for marketing.

On closer inspection you can see that what Kofi is actually cooking up is what is commonly known as BRONCOS. In English this means this is a goat’s penis. With balls attached I might add. I can’t say that I have actually sunk my teeth into a set as yet but the people I know who have, have said, “In fact, she is very juicy!!”

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