Thursday, November 10, 2005

Got Beer?

Ohhhh, I know Shan is gonna hate this one! Now most of us love beer (if not all the people who read this blog at least). There is nothing like a cold frothy glass of beer on a Sunday morning or even every bloody day right after work. I love all kinds of beer from Bintang to Stienlager. I love dark beers and light beers. I love light beers and heavy bears. I love Australian beers and Italian beers. I don’t even mind the occasional Budweiser. Hell, I’m just a fuckin lush!

Now beer is made out of yeast right? This chick has taken beer to a whole new level. You need to read it to believe it. And to be honest with you, I really don’t know what to think. But I will admit that I am curious.


AmitD said...

That is freaky man....

Shan said...

Hi Avi - arrrrgh! That is so gross! I'm a bit of a beer pervert (i.e. always checking out beers, gazing at them somewhat lustily etc) but hats off to this chick.
Hey I was watching a travel documentary on ghana yesterday - the host went to a chop shop to try Fufu, but they were also cooking this large rat looking animal called a grasscutter or something. Looked a bit freaky!

Avi said...

Shan - I seen that show. It is commonly called a bush rat as well. I would not go there.

And this chick does totally redefine "beer pervert"

Amit - You know you want to try it.