Thursday, November 10, 2005

White Sands Beach Resort

Heading out of Accra towards Cape Coast you will pass the small township of FETEH, where the White Sands Beach Resort is located. The owner, a European man, acquired the huge bay and surrounding lands about 10 years ago and started by building himself a Spanish villa on a cliff at the tip of the bay. Over the years he put up a small bar on the beach and now has commenced constructing high quality villas for commercial use all around d the property. And all of this is not even his real business, it’s just a hobby. Every now and then we still see him wandering around the property looking for new things to build. There is always something going on.

When I was in Ghana last the only area that was fully developed was the beach front bar where we regularly hung out at on the weekends having BBQ’s. Now they have put in this huge infinity pool leading down to the beach with a small jetty to dive off even. The warning sign is to keep the villagers from stealing the pool water for drinking water. Although it does look clean, it is full of chemicals.

The surrounding areas of the resort resemble an old deserted Mexican village. As you can see I am holding a make shift traveling cup that I fashioned from an empty bottle of water. That bastard never left my side the whole weekend.

A few friends and I rented a 3 bedroom villa there for the weekend. There were about 10 of us and it only cost $350 a night. This is the largest villa there with its own full sized pool, 3 bedrooms all with their own baths, living room, and kitchen. The house is fully air-conditioned too. There is a huge garden as well, and a hut with 2 BBQ pits. The weather was great too.

The dining room/kitchen has a huge glass window looking out over the gardens. It is awesome just chilling in the cool air-conditioning having a late breakfast and feasting on the view.

There is a great view from the balcony as well. Each villa is designed and decorated painstakingly by the owner himself. In this particular one he went for a very Mediterranean theme. The bedrooms are all extremely large and spacious, as well as the bathrooms. They are all also very colorful with unique mosaic tile designs.

Fortunately, I was first to arrive at the villa and I took these pictures before the crew kicked off. We had an awesome night there drinkin out by the pool and cookin up a storm on the BBQ. It was an awesome weekend as all those who were there can testify. We took up a shit load of meat and even more booze!!! I do not remember falling asleep but I did wake up on a deck chair out by the pool at 8am. Amit was not too far away either.

If anyone does go to Ghana, I highly recommend spending a few nights at the White Sands Beach Resort. The staff was extremely accommodating regarding our eccentric demands. And next year there will be quite a few new villas ready with plunge pools right on the beach it self. Ill post more pictures of the party that took place that weekend in another post.


AmitD said...

Good stuff dawg...glad to say that I was actually there. Very rare for me... Loads of fun though.

rishtafari said...

this is amazing!!! I cant beleive how things have progressed in Ghana, i mean wow, yr pics are wikid... makes me wanna go there like tomorrow!

AmitD said...

i took those goddamit!! where is my credit avi?? that's it!! no more pictures for you!!! i am now the photo nazi!! (for all you seinfeld lovers out there)

Avi said...

Hail be to Cln. Amit D. He takes a bad ass photo... And yes, in fact he did take most of the pictures. I can not take credit for it.

Rish, you would love it there man. I got 2 words for you cuz. HONEY MOON...