Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ghana - World Cup 2006

As many of you already know, Ghana took a win over the USA and made it into the second leg of the World Cup. This is the first time Ghana has made it into the World Cup and only the 5th time in history that an African team has made it into the quarter finals. As you can imagine, Ghanaians across the World are celebrating as TV broadcasts have shown. In Accra (the capital city) things have come to a standstill during games while people are either watching the games or praying in church congregations. This is an awesome achievement for the country to have made it this far. Next we go up against Brazil which is of course the ultimate challenge. Only time will tell the outcome of that game and I am holding my breath. In the meantime, here are some pictures my sister took of the celebrations that took place on the main streets of Accra after the last victory. You can check out more pictures and posts I made from Ghana in my October and November archives.

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