Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cosejo Regulador Y Turron De Alicante

A while ago a friend of mine came over from Spain and brought me some Turron. Turron is a typically Spanish desert and if you have ever been gifted by a Spaniard, chances are he would have given you some Turron. I wish I had taken a picture of the outer box before it was thrown away. People should understand that when they live with a blogger they can not just throw stuff away.

Two bars of Turron actually came in a printed master box. They were both wrapped in an individual golden foil sleeve. They keep this way for a very long time is stored in a cool and dry place. But they taste so good so you never really end up keeping them very long. From what I can tell, the Turron is just a bar of mixed nuts, mostly almonds, held together by a hardened toffee made from honey, and Turron. That is the white stuff and I don’t really know what it is. The flat bar is sandwiched in this thin white, edible paper. The paper is actually devoid of taste but quite fun to nibble on.

Once you break off a nice slab from the large bar you will find the texture of the Turron to be quite brittle and if you are not carefull you will end up making quite a mess. This particular brand was crunchy but there are other kinds I have had that actually hurt my teeth when I munch on it. Each bit is filled with nuts and a sweet honey flavor that is entirely unique to Turron.

This is great stuff so if you do ever spot it a store near you, go for it.

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