Friday, September 14, 2007

Shake and Quake

I had never experienced an earthquake before but as ridiculous as it might sound, I have always wanted to. I wondered what it would feel like to actually stand on the ground and feel it moving. Last month when I was in Jakarta it happened. I was chilling alone at home, it was around 1.30am and some friends had just gone home. I had partied really hard the night before, so hard in fact that I was still nursing the mother of all hangovers. I was lying in my bed watching some movie when I started to feel really dizzy. I thought it was the hangover and just buried my head deeper into my pillow. Again as I focused on the television screen I started to feel like I was riding in a boat. It was really fucking weird. So out of the ordinary that I actually got out of bed to make sure there was nothing wrong with me. I was beginning to think that I was dying. When I am sick the first thing I usually think is that I am gonna die. I decided to walk around a bit so I walked out of room into the living room and I saw the most eerie sight that made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. The house was dimly lit as usual, very quite as everyone was asleep. I sensed some movement and looked over to the dining table where I saw the chandelier hanging over it swaying wildly from side to side!!! It was so fucking creepy. Plus there was a beaded curtain and every strand of it was doing the same. I had no idea that there could possibly have been an earthquake so my first thought was thief, and then ghost, before I put 5 and 2 together. That was my first time in an earthquake and it was awesome. I know that earthquakes are super dangerous and they kill tons of people, respect. But this experience was just so surreal. After I was done with the initial surprise of it I managed to grab my phone and capture the swinging light. It was pretty cool even though it was not swaying as much when I got around to it.

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