Monday, November 19, 2007

Living in Guangzhou BBQ

My buddy Wang hooked up a BBQ this weekend through a group he started on Facebook. It was fun and a cool way to meet some new people in Guangzhou. The turnout was good for the first event and I made a few new friends as well. The event took place at Lu Hu Park in Guangzhou, which is not too far away from the Garden Hotel. I had no idea there was a park there and it had a HUGE lake as well, with lots of boats. They really have a ton of parks in this city and the people love to use them. L u Hu Park actually has a designated area for BBQing. You pay about 50 RMB for a pit plus a 3 RMB entry charge per person. There are loads of BBQ pits fitted into the ground with ceramic tiled flooring around them and benches to sit on. Tools for BBQing were also available for rent. The area was a bit crowded being a Saturday and all but the weather was cool and we hooked up some mean grub so it was pretty fun. The area was also kept fairly clean with people cleaning up regularly but the floor was very very slippery. I think it was totally covered in oils and grease.

So the BBQ went of great and after that we were all in the mood, having cleaned out 2 crates of beer and a bottle of rum. We went down to Hooleys for a few more drinks. They were having an 80’s theme party there that night and were supposed to have an 80’s quiz but that never happened. The quiz would have been fun but the 80’s music was off the hook and they even had a kick ass band. What was supposed to be a mellow night turned into quite a bender and we even ended up at C Union, but it was well worth it because they had a kick as group performing there. They were 5 guys I think who set up about 6 turntables and threw the music back and forth while they rapped. Another wild weekend in GZ just while I am trying to turn the corner. Lets see what happens next week.

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