Friday, November 16, 2007

Nigella Lawson - Babe of the Week

Name: Nigella Lawson
DOB: 1960

We are keeping REAL here at Indo Dreamin featuring women from all walks of life. We have brought you great things in small packages like Mini-Britney and of course my personal favorite, the huge ass with a body attached, Kim Kardashian, who by the way just featured in Play Boy USA last month. You might recognize this weeks entry, a 47 year-old bombshell from your Travel and Discovery Channel. It is Nigella Lawson from the cooking Show Nigella Bites. And yes she is old enough to have given birth to me but that does not matter. Her father was the well known and powerful Nigel Lawson who served as Margaret Thatchers Chancellor of the Exchequer. Nigella earned a degree from Oxford University in Medieval and Modern Languages and later gained notoriety as a journalist and food critic for the magazine Vogue. More recently she has been touring the USA drumming up hype for her television cooking programs that will be on TV there. Nigella has a pretty massive male fan base although she is not young by general television entertainment standards, nor is she slim. She is on the contrary quite shapely, possessing a figure that some have referred to as Rubenesque! Nigella is intelligent, witty and a fabulous cook. Not to mention I think she is fucking fine! Although on her TV show they do not show too many full body shots of her, she still comes over as being extremely sensual and erotic. She takes Food Porn to a whole new level. But her soft delicate features and feminine brown locks lend her an air of elegance and grace that one does not see frequently in women these days. Her accent sets her apart from your run of the mill TV personalities as well. Unfortunately for me however she has linked up with Charles Saatchi who unlike me is a multi-millionaire (in dollars, not rupiah) but like me is on the hairier side. And Yes, Nigella is into hairy dudes. This is one smart lady people, I suggest the rest of you women borrow a page from her book. I am cancelling all my body waxing sessions as of now!

"I like an animal. Hairy back, hair everywhere. I don't understand why a woman would want a hairless man. If I was going to go for smooth, I may as well be a lesbian."

~Nigella Lawson~

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